Ride the Wind

66×54, completed about 2 hours ago.

Ride the Wind

This painting is evocative of the powerful forces presently available, and the need to channel them creatively, with insight, vision, perspective, and compassion.

The completion process was one of magic, awe, and wonder. It required moving a 100-pound carton of large canvases to a different location in the studio, opening up needed space for me to work.

I had expected to add some dioxazine violet, a very dark color, to the piece. But when I entered the studio, titanate green caught my eye. So I splashed some onto the canvas, and thought to let it dry before continuing.

About a half hour later, I asked Diana to have a look. Much to my surprise, whilst gazing at the painting it was clearly complete! At that moment, the title came into my mind.

The unexpected universe at work, and a potent reminder to allow things to emerge and unfold in their own time and space, getting out of the way with my thoughts, worry, and anxiety. Just paint!

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