Crystal Consciousness

The use of crystals for meditation, healing, and transformation has experienced a renaissance during the past few decades. In many ways, crystals are very similar to humans. They grow in darkness, and become incredible channels for light and clarity upon emergence into the world. Each has its own individual characteristics and qualities, although emanating from a common matrix and latticework. The crystal lattice is very similar in form to the DNA double-helix structure, and has an ability to store, reproduce, amplify, harmonize, and radiate electromagnetic forces.

Some of the qualities of crystals are already utilized by various technologies. Time-keeping devices, stereo systems, and computers are but a few modern tools that use the piezoelectric effect of quartz in their operation. The computer, in its ability to store large amounts of data in electronic form, and to release that information upon command, is an excellent example of the power of the crystal kingdom at work.

All quartz crystals partake of the common elements of silicon and oxygen. They are formed through intense heat and pressure within the core of the earth, over eons of time. Slowly they coalesce from liquid into solid form, often incorporating other elements such as iron oxide, titanium, aluminum, and manganese, as well as water droplets and vapor. This gives rise to various colors and varieties, such as amethyst and citrine, and to the wisps and clouds within the structure so reminiscent of swirling galaxies and star clusters. And the imperfections in crystals, often caused by shattering within the lattice due to variations in temperature and pressure during the growth process, create rainbows when light shines through them.

In the shamanic tradition, crystals are called living rocks. Indeed, their ability to transmute energy and transform consciousness has been known throughout time. For example, I have had inner experiences and dreams of Atlantis, and remember using huge crystals for learning, generating power, establishing harmony and balance, and curing illness. And this ancient knowledge is becoming more and more available today, through meditation and inner attunement, as a powerful means for healing ourselves and our planet.

Working creatively with crystals requires a great degree of openness and receptivity. Each one has been imprinted with a particular pattern, within the general framework of the crystal kingdom. This pattern can often be seen in the physical appearance of size, shape, faces, color, inclusions, and terminations. This information, together with intuitive knowing, can establish the area of best use, whether that be for healing, meditation, energy generation, harmonizing and balancing of forces, knowledge and experience of other dimensions, or storing of information.

Within each crystal is an inherent intelligence which is charged with the responsibility of safeguarding it and ensuring its proper growth and unfoldment. By learning to work with the qualities of the crystal, properly directed human will and intention can greatly expand its power and abilities. Through the processes of clearing, cleansing, charging, and alignment, all crystals can be energized to perform their specific functions in a more potent manner.

Much has been written about this subject, and yet all these books merely convey the thoughts, ideas, and experiences of the writer. Although I obviously am doing the same thing, I want to make it very clear that these words are merely guidelines. They are in no way a substitute for personal experience. In fact, it is far more important to discover things for oneself, and to learn through trial and error, than to rely upon the observations of others. And so I hope that each person will trust her/his intuition and experience, and use this article merely as a mirror for reflection and contemplation.

One's own inner knowing, and physical response, are especially important in choosing crystals. In a sense, we are selected by the crystal, rather than the other way round! Many people use appearance and aesthetics in the selection process, but I have often found that the most powerful crystals are not necessarily the most beautiful. I allow the energy of the crystal to speak to my intuitive mind, and trust the feelings in my body; I rarely have to think about whether a particular one is right for me or not. I allow the energy of the crystal to fill my consciousness, and focus on my internal response — yes, or no.

In choosing crystals for others, I use a similar method. I hold the image of the intended recipient in my mind's eye, together with my purpose in wanting to give the crystal to that person. Again, it is far more a case of the right crystal coming to me than of me selecting it.

Upon returning home, I use several methods for clearing the crystals. This is necessary because they often pick up static and impure vibrations from the environment. They may also have been contaminated during mining operations due to lack of awareness and respect. One method is to place them in either seawater, if available, or a supersaturated solution of salt water. The solution is made by dissolving sea salt in lukewarm water until no more can be dissolved. I use either a ceramic or glass bowl for this, as the salt will interact with metal, and leave the crystals in the water for 24 hours or so.

Another method is to place them outdoors for at least 24 hours, preferably within a crystalline gridwork. Also, one can simply visualize a ray of clear light penetratrating the crystals. I know the process is complete when I can feel the energy shift within myself.

I then hold the crystals under cool running water to cleanse them. I visualize clear light penetrating and surrounding them as I do this. I then place the crystals outside for a day or two in order to charge them. This clearing, cleansing, and charging process may have to be repeated at regular intervals, especially when crystals are used for intense healing and energy balancing. In such cases, the crystals can become contaminated. This can be recognized intuitively, or when the exterior feels sticky.

An additional way of charging and activating crystals is to take them to places of great nature and spiritual power. Other useful methods include placing them in running streams, the ocean, stone circles and sacred sites, groves of large trees, or in thunderstorms and heavy rains for several hours. I have found that the energy of particular crystals has been magnified ten-fold by using these techniques.

A possible next step is aligning the crystals for specific purposes. This process utilizes the electromagnetic properties of human thought to enhance energy patterns within the crystal lattice. After holding and attuning with a particular crystal, I place it in the region of my third eye. Vizualizing a beam of light penetrating the crystalline structure, I hold the thought of love, peace, and harmony, and direct it into the stone. I then ask what is the appropriate use for this crystal, such as healing, meditation, or connecting with other realms, and hold it for several minutes until I feel intuitively that this intent is placed solidly within its very core.

I then bless the crystal to do its particular work, and give thanks to the Crystal Deva, the Great Spirit, and my guides for their help and protection in this process. It is then ready to act as a tool to generate power, catalyze healing and transformation, and radiate love, peace, and harmony.

Note: Unfortunately, due to supply-and-demand and the unscrupulousness of certain dealers, a number of crystals on the market are not natural, in that they have been artificially heated or irradiated to change their color. This is especially true for citrine and smoky quartz, and for turquoise as well, which is often dyed. So be sure to buy from honest and reputable sources.

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