Mars — Part One

As befits one with an Aries Sun and Scorpio Moon and Ascendant, will, purpose, and direction have always been of great importance. And as I stand on the threshold of a new cycle, these recurrent themes resound loudly in my consciousness.

The ongoing, seemingly endless transits of Pluto to natal meridian, Uranus opposing and Saturn squaring Moon, and Neptune opposition continue, leaving in their wake profound changes of which I am slowly becoming aware. Images of the past, both in this and other lifetimes, continually dart to mind. It is easy to dwell upon the feelings and emotions, and I need to gently remind myself that it is over, done with, dead. It is vital to focus upon the now, and the expansive opportunities of this moment in space and time.

Much of my old life has been irrevocably shattered, and though the scattered fragments bear both fragrant and odious memories, they must be allowed to pass away. From these ashes new existence arises, as a butterfly emerging to test its shimmering wings in the dawn of a new day. Here in Santa Fe, as at other places of spiritual power, great forces awaken, seeking structure and form through which to incarnate. Indeed, the potential of this time is enormous, testing each of us in our willingness to live a life of love, caring, compassion, and service.

The lessons of the past — trials, tests, and initiations — are of little value unless they are used to birth the new. Each of us is asked to stand tall in our own truth and knowingness, and shine forth. We are here to offer our gifts freely to all who ask. Nothing less will do. The forms and tools used are of relatively little importance. Rather it is the consciousness flowing through them that can ignite the flame of love and truth upon our planet.

Through the awakened individual, the light of understanding and compassion blazes powerfully, healing and uplifting. And it is to this level of being that our metaphysical maps of consciousness must speak. Whether it is through the use of astrology, tarot, numerology, or crystals, we can help others to awaken to their own unique purpose and destiny, and offer clues and directions to manifest this. Mobilizing the will is difficult and fraught with dangers of egocentricity and distortion. Unless one has gone through rigorous self-searching and continually tests intuitive promptings in the day-to-day world, asking for mirroring and feedback, spiritual direction can be elusive. But as the light of clarity and wisdom illuminates and transforms personality patterns, the path of purpose reveals itself, and one moves forward toward fulfillment.

Each of us is charged with manifesting love and caring as our spiritual task. In unique ways we are given the strengths, talents and resources to do so. Through reading the astrological chart and other symbol systems in this way, and speaking to the level of indwelling spirit, we can empower one another to fulfill our destiny.

As one moves beyond the mere expression of ego and personality, consciousness begins to shift dramatically. In astrology, the traditional rulerships of signs and houses change. For example, when I had begun to confront the base Martian and Plutonic aspects of Aries — anger, resentment and ego gratification — the essence of Mercury's force — clarity, understanding and wisdom — pervaded my actions.

Until one has deeply examined and gone through the necessary adjustments to personality existence, transpersonal astrology has little relevance. Until contact with the depths of one's psyche is made, and the ensuing transformative experiences undergone, traditional astrology is a most useful tool. But when one emerges into the dawn of spirit-infused existence, the conditioning influences of the planets change, and the focus of awareness moves in new directions. At this point an interpretation of the horoscope based upon transpersonal principles can be most illuminating, revealing the individual path and destiny.

Mars is the planet most strongly linked with the transition from personality-based existence to an inner-directed life of love, truth, and service. An incisive analysis of the Mars constellation in the natal chart offers clues to the necessary steps in moving toward this, and is the theme of Part Two.

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