Mars — Part Two

As stated at the end of Part One, Mars is the gateway to the transpersonal life. It is only when one has begun to come to terms with its challenging aspects, as delineated in the natal chart, that the world of Spirit can be revealed. For as one learns the lessons of the current incarnation and works on transformation of personality-based existence, the path toward fulfillment of destiny reveals itself.

The Mars constellation — sign, house, dispositors, aspects — reveals the necessary steps. In my natal chart Mars is placed in Capricorn, in the second house. Its dispositor is Saturn in Aries. Aspects include squares to Sun and Mercury, a trine with Uranus, and sextiles to Moon and Venus. Before it was possible for me to begin conscious contact with the depths of my psyche I had to work on transmuting anger, hostility, defensiveness, and judgment. The rational mind had to be quietened through meditation and creative visualization. The egocentric desire nature needed re-alignment with a life dedicated to service, and the heart center awakened to the giving and receiving of love.

I had to embrace the fact that my reality, both inner and outer, was very different from the family and society into which I was born. The tremendous need for approval from and acceptance by others had to be replaced by self-esteem. I realized that my inner drumbeat was not only antithetical to that of my surroundings, but it was the only rhythm to which I could creatively respond. I had to deal, often painfully, with loneliness, rejection, and isolation. The world of books, fantasies, and dreams was the only source of solace in my boyhood. It seemed there was but little meaning and significance in the material world.

Although I craved love and nurturance from others, especially my parents, I could only get it at the cost of prostituting my ideals and values. In the end, however, pretending to be other than who I was never got me what I truly wanted. This realization brought the first of many profound changes, for it was the first step on the path toward liberation.

Beginning to come to terms with the challenging aspects of Mars as depicted in my natal horoscope started a continuing process of growth that leads me along the spiritual road. The energy of the Red Planet helped me to mobilize my will, and to deal with old emotional blocks. As the worn-out feelings poured forth, space was created for the inflow of new qualities of being — love for self and others, compassion, understanding, empathy. The armor that had for so long protected and sheltered me from the harsh realities of material existence was sloughed off, and replaced by a far more permeable membrane.

Mars provided the necessary impetus to move beyond the boundaries of ego, dictated by fear and control, and allowed the many blessings of Spirit to infuse my life with beauty, meaning, and purpose. The spiritual warrior began to emerge from the shell left behind, and I became fully committed to the path of loving service.

Interestingly, Mars is very much in the news these days. Projects to send a manned flight and photos of the huge face, pyramidal structures, and giant canyons have appeared, giving rise to all sorts of speculations as to their origin and significance. Obviously there are many still-unexplained mysteries.

In the Qabalah, Mars is associated with the sephirah, or sphere of consciousness, known as Geburah (Severity), or Pachad (Fear). At some point in our lives we need to take ourselves severely in hand and confront our fears, in order to balance the excessiveness and overdoing symbolized by Jupiter and Chesed, the opposite sephirah. The sword of love and truth must be wielded in order to cut away what is unbalanced and unintegrated so harmony and wholeness can prevail.

Mars is also linked with the kundalini, the powerful energy source often depicted as a dragon at the base of the spine. Awakening this force can lead to enlightenment and healing powers. The ruby ray, and its heat, burns away the impurities of the personality so radiance can shine forth.

As the first planet beyond Earth, Mars' energy is centrifugal – it propels one outward toward the rest of the solar system, the galaxy, and the vast spaces of the universe. It takes the electrical power generated by Mercury, the magnetic force of Venus, and the grounding qualities of the Earth and coalesces them into a potent and dramatic explosion of consciousness. The energies released force one to confront the unresolved emotions and situations of the past, and to begin the process of cleansing and purification necessary for the spiritual life to unfold. By learning to focus and work with this level of intensified awareness, one moves rapidly along the path toward manifestation of one's purpose and destiny.

Mars, therefore, can be experienced as the driving force that motivates us to reach beyond our personality limitations toward a greater and more fulfilling existence. Leaving behind the purely mundane pursuits of pleasure, one revels in the glories of the Spirit, and allows the power of love to infuse everyday events.

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