Mars — Part Three

In my last two articles I have been exploring the theme of Mars as the bridge between personality and spirit-based life. As we learn the lessons depicted by the Mars constellation in the natal chart and transform negative and outworn patterns of response, the path of wholeness beckons. We face the Shadow, the Guardian of the Gate, and cross over the threshold into a new world, one based upon principles of love, compassion, and service.

In the tarot, Mars is associated with the Tower. This process is one of coming to grips with all the illusions and self-deceptions one has created, and literally earthquaking out all that is not in alignment with higher consciousness. The Fool, whose journey is depicted by the tarot cards, is struck by lightning, the fire of the creative spirit, and crashes to the ground, wondering what in blazes is going on.

All the excesses, overdoing, and false bravado are instantly smashed, and the only remains of the great edifice of the ego is the foundation or base, providing it has been built upon firm ground. One is reduced to the basics, the core of self — all that is distorted, exaggerated and self-aggrandized is gone in a puff of smoke. But the Fool, in gazing up at the devastation, catches a glimpse of the Star (the next tarot key), and instantly remembers his/her true heritage. Then the rebuilding process can begin, this time in accordance with higher will, and a temple of the spirit emerges.

It is interesting to note that the Tower is tarot key 16, which reduces numerologically to 7, the Chariot. At this stage of the journey toward wholeness one must master the Martian force and gain control of the lower nature. Then, through attunement with the cosmos and a deeper understanding of the life process, one can create a field of consciousness in which to operate. In this way the energy symbolized by Mars is harnessed, and can be utilized in transformational processes.

The Chariot symbolizes the spiritual warrior going forth with an open heart, eager to serve others, assisting them in the process of transformation. The number 7 refers to the Seventh Ray, the violet or magenta ray, the force channeled through Uranus and given form and substance by Aquarius, leading to the explosion of consciousness now possible.

This color results from mixing red and blue — the red vibration of Mars combines with the blue of Jupiter (Geburah and Chesed of the Qabalistic Tree of Life), giving rise to the qualities seeking manifestation at this time. In other words, the transformation of personality life and alignment with spirit allows the individual to emerge as a world server. The lower nature, with its unresolved emotions and conflicts, is illuminated by contact with the kundalini force. At that point the Jupiterian qualities of benevolence, expansiveness, and wisdom pour forth. Intuition triumphs over intellect and rationalization, joyful participation with others in the actualization of ideals and goals replaces alienation and isolation, and a wider, more inclusive awareness supersedes narrow bias and judgement. In short, one moves rapidly along the path toward fulfillment and enlightenment.

Mars' force is basically raw, intense, and incredibly powerful. It is in need of refinement and purification, and must be brought under control of the will. Only then, as it is blended with love and compassion, can it be focused and channeled for healing and transformational purposes. As the drive for control and personal power over situations and others gives way to cooperation, and the need for self-glorification and ego gratification is replaced by humility and and service, one moves into an arena of new life experience and understanding. Knowledge of the life force, or kundalini, rapidly grows, and one learns where and how to focus this energy in order to effect positive change.

In mundane astrology Mars is considered the ruler of Aries and co-ruler, with Pluto, of Scorpio. Indeed, both these signs contain the great field where the battle for control of the lower nature rages. In Aries one deals with issues of will and power, learning to direct the potent forces in service to the whole rather than in service of the ego. The Scorpionic challenge is to come to grips with the awesome power of emotions and feelings, transmuting base desires into healing energies.

In transpersonal astrology it is Mercury that rules Aries, while Scorpio comes under the aegis of Mars alone. As one learns the many lessons centered upon control, jealousy, anger, sexuality, possessiveness, and violence, the conditioning influence of Mars can move to a higher level of the cosmic spiral, and the spiritual warrior emerges. Now the force of the kundalini, or dragon power, flows forth. The disciple becomes the initiate and world server. Although transformation is an on-going, life-long process, at this stage of the journey one is more easily able to respond openly and fully to the needs of every situation in a clear and focused manner.

Whether through counseling, hands-on healing, group involvement, or creating appropriate structure and form, the power, clarity and forcefulness of refined Mars consciousness is truly a gift. Through a deep understanding of right relationship and a reverent and proper focus of spiritual energy, one is enabled to align oneself with a greater and more inclusive sense of purpose to help manifest individual and collective destiny.

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