A Shift in Perspective

I am noticing more and more current events that mirror the fairly recent long-term square of Uranus to Pluto. One is the obvious effects of climate change, and another is the massive number of refugees seeking safety from the horrors of war, brutality, starvation, despotic regimes, and the like.

Uranus represents the need to break with the past and forge new channels through which energy can flow, in every area of life. This includes developing a planetary awareness, one not limited by narrow tenets and beliefs. It asks us to develop a more-inclusive way of being in the world. It is intuition working in harmony with intellect, cooperation instead of competition, the power of love replacing the love of power.

Pluto dredges up the dark underbelly. It forces us to face the shadow, bringing light into issues that have been denied and repressed. It is the often painful tearing away of structures, beliefs, relationships, and ideas that no longer work. There is a powerful need to deeply examine beliefs, motivations, and patterns of response. It demands a dying of the old, and a rebirth with a shift in focus to that which is meaningful and enduring. It requires using a well-developed sense of will and purpose to further spiritual ideals, bringing more love and light into the world.

Dealing with climate change is requiring a massive shift in consciousness, which is already happening at some levels. It will require a global awareness, changing the dominant paradigms of corporate interests and unregulated capitalism. This is a unique opportunity for people, and governments, to join together in exploring and developing new technologies.

Unfortunately, the corporate mentality sees only a threat to its obscene greed. So the changes will not come easily, despite the narrow window of opportunity to actually manifest the necessary steps to ensure the survival of humanity upon this planet. The so-called refugee, or immigration, issue offers an opportunity to break down the barriers of country borders, races, religions, and belief systems. It requires us to establish a world where all people are treated with kindness, generosity, and respect, and given the basic necessities of life.

The currrent approach is treating this, for the most part, as a threat to sovereignty and security, rather than creating a new global civilization. It is horrifying to observe the response of so-called conservative politicians who imprison people in inhuman conditions, murder them, and even build fences to keep them out. And then there are those who seek to profit from this misery ― stealing their money and possessions, raping the women, and selling the children and young girls into slavery.

The necessary changes in consciousness needed to embrace these two issues, and others arising from them, will not be easy to achieve. It is clearly challenging all of us to deeply examine unresolved issues, and unskillful responses based upon them.

The shifts will take time, and perhaps most of us alive now will not live to see positive outcomes of peace, harmony, and abundance, but we can begin to make the needed changes in our own life, in whatever ways seem appropriate. To do less is to continue to add to the current misery and misfortune ― to be part of the problem, instead of leading the way toward a brighter future for all.

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