Spiritual Protection

In actively walking the path of Spirit, it is almost a certainty that, from time-to-time, one will feel overwhelmed by the energies awakened, and may perceive that as being under psychic attack. Whilst inevitably true that we are influenced by the thoughts and feelings of others, it does not necessarily follow that this is an attack of some sort.

Nevertheless, there are a number of things one can do in these circumstances to increase inner strength and determination. I have used these strategies numerous times, with excellent results.

Perhaps easiest is invocation of the Light. Take some deep breaths, focus on your heart and crown chakras, and say aloud, "I invoke the Light. May it enfill, enfold, and protect me." Do this three times, imagining a ray of clear light descending into your body.

Another very useful tactic is to hold an imaginary sword in your right hand, and a flaming torch in the left. Use the sword to cut away all negative, outworn, and no longer needed ties, bonds, and attractions at the solar plexus. Then use the torch to sear and close the opening. Do this three times.

Also, you can sit quietly and say aloud three times, "I release all that is not for me into the Light for purification and healing. Spirit is guiding, guarding, and protecting me. I am safe."

You can use all three methods in combination and repeat as needed, until a sense of peace and calm emerges.

Crystals can be of enormous help in these circumstances. Dedicate one to self-protection, preferably clear or smoky quartz. Use directed intention to ask the crystal that it be used for this purpose.

Then, in times of stress, sit quietly, hold the crystal in both hands, and imagine clear light penetrating to the core of your being. Take at least five minutes to do this. You also may carry the crystal with you, if desired.

Another thing that can help is not giving in to despair or hopelessness because life is not bringing you love and joy. It is vital to keep the faith, projecting positive thoughts and feelings, and being patient. Transformation is an ongoing process, and changes take time.

As much as possible, rid yourself of people and activities that are not bringing creative and furthering energy into your life, and continue walking the path. Remember that you will attract whatever is needed, and allow the new events, experiences, and opportunities to emerge in their own manner and time.

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