Astrology of Transformation

I recently finished re-reading The Sun is Also a Star and The Astrology of Transformation, Dane Rudhyar's last books on astrology. With all of the outer planets currently making exact aspects to inner natal ones, it is the only kind of astrology — and life — I am interested in pursuing.

His description of the spiritual journey is unparalleled:

"No individual should attempt to tread the Path unless he or she has to, by virtue of an ineluctable impulsion that cannot be ignored. Once he has begun the journey, he should never stop or look back. He must allow Uranus unceasingly to shatter his cherished limitations, Neptune to expand his consciousness, and Pluto to lead him through darkness into the Void where a new center of light will eventually shine, reorganizing the scattered fragments of what for so long he had accepted as himself."

At a transpersonal level, the planets, signs, and houses take on a different meaning, and rulerships change as well. Life is the teacher, and every event and happenstance is an opportunity for growth and transformation. The I-center of the natal chart becomes a vessel for the downpouring of cosmic love and light, and one opens fully to embrace the new visions and understandings.

The material world and its struggles are but fodder for the journey toward wholeness and completion. The Sun energizes the quest, the Moon reflects the deep stillness required, Mercury illuminates the mind, Venus and Mars attract the necessary circumstances, Jupiter and Saturn expand and consolidate new dimensions of beingness.

And above all, the three outer planets, masked hierophants and agents of the Galaxy, transfigure the consciousness and light the way toward wisdom and liberation.

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