Atlantis Series

Merlin Emrys

I have always been intrigued by the myth of Atlantis. The story of a vibrant, healing, inclusive culture
being destroyed by greed and the pursuit of power is uncannily akin to current conditions.

The paintings were initially inspired by a series of dreams of the watery world. They then progressed in tune
with my inner processes, for example Dissolution, Creative Chaos, Coming Undone, and now, sailing Uncharted Waters.

An important part of the journey is to descend into the Depths, embrace the experience, and return with the Light.

Use the spacebar to move to the next image or move the mouse to the lower right corner to use controls.

You can close this tab or window when the show ends.

Atlantis I - Dreaming of Atlantis

Atlantis II - Rising Storm

Atlantis III - Dissolution

Atlantis IV - From the Depths

Atlantis V - The Blues

Atlantis VI - Another Storm Rising

Atlantis VII - Big Storm Rising

Atlantis VIII - Creative Chaos

Atlantis IX - Infusion

Atlantis X - Stirrings

Atlantis XI - Bursting Forth

Atlantis XII - Bursting Forth II

Atlantis XIII - Coming Undone

Atlantis XIV - Falling Apart

Atlantis XV - Uncharted Waters

Atlantis XVI - Emergence

Atlantis XVII - Explosion

Atlantis XVIII - Initiation

Atlantis XIX - Epiphany

Atlantis XX - Repose

Atlantis XXI - Maelstrom

Atlantis XXII - Impermanence