My involvement with photography began at a relatively early age, using a box camera that predated even the famed Brownie Hawkeye. I found much delight in taking photographs of friends and the neighborhood, and when I was about 13 my parents gave me an Argus C-3 rangefinder model. Years later I moved on to SLRs, and used a Nikon FE-2 for several decades. Photojournalism captured my imagination, and for a time I processed my own film and made prints.

In April 2009 I embraced digital photography, and very much enjoy taking pictures of our Bengal cats, the sunsets and skies around my home in northern New Mexico, people, landscapes, and nature. The photos are arranged by subject, with the links below leading to thumbnails (which you can click on to see larger sizes), or in some cases, full-size images.

I hope you enjoy viewing these as much as I enjoy making them.

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