Tech Notes

Our website was one of the very first in Santa Fe, opening in late 1993. In those days the only browsers were Mosaic and Lynx, and we used Notepad for coding. Things have sure come a long way since!

All pages coded by hand with Bluefish.

Graphics created and/or edited with LightZone and Gimp.

Photographic gear includes Fuji X-T1, X100S, and X30 cameras, with 16mm f/1.4, 56mm f/1.2 and 90mm f/2 lenses.

Testing done with the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome and Opera for Linux. Pages will probably work in Internet Explorer, but we refuse to use this bug-ridden, totally insecure piece of crap. And so should you!

All pages are valid xhtml and css. The entire site uses css positioning and stylesheets without tables, except for thumbnails in the Gallery and Photography sections.