An Appropriate Stance

I have been tuning in to what it is like to be witnessing the end of a civilization, with the beast flailing its tail wildly at every turn, the level of denial relative to global warming and fossil fuels, ongoing imperialism, secretive surveillance, and paranoia and fear continually flamed by the government. Also, shoot the messenger mentality, denying rather than heeding the message and criminalizing the whistle-blower.

9/11 clearly was an opportunity and turning point, and the U.S. powers-that-be went in a direction I could not support even then, when almost everyone cloaked themselves in the mantle of so-called patriotism.

So what is an appropriate stance for a spiritually-oriented, caring, compassionate person? Obviously I am still working that out!

My paintings over the past 3 years, beginning with Dreaming of Atlantis, certainly mirror and deepen this ongoing process.

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